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Plant terrarium

Plant terrarium

There are two types of terrariums. A closed system creates a stable humid environment for plants, while open containers need to be taken  care of.

How does closed terrarium work?

The soil within the terrarium supports healthy microbial processes that nourish living plants. Moisture from evaporation and plant transpiration recirculate as condensed “rain” droplets that keep the soil moist.

The terrarium’s plants use light to produce oxygen which is consumed at night, carbon dioxide is consumed during the day through photosynthesis and produced through the dark hours by plant respiration.

A closed terrarium recirculates water in a process similar to natural rainfall. Moisture condenses into water drops that continually fall back into the soil. Once your terrarium is balanced, you should see droplets form near the top of the container: the glass will be clear otherwise.

How Much Should I Water My Closed Terrarium?

A healthy terrarium has soil that is moist but not soggy. It is essential that roots can obtain water and nutrients but also breathe. Sodden soil will lead to deadly root rot.

Watch the leaves for signs of wilting or yellowing. If either occurs, check the soil to see whether it’s dry or wet.

Cleaning A Closed Terrarium

To keep your terrarium looking great and ensure light shines through, regularly clean the glass. The outside can be wiped with commercial window cleaner, but be sure to use non-toxic products on the interior sides

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